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Week #6 – Bradford’s I

This was the third week in a row that our team really pulled it all together.  (Well, two-and-a-half weeks in a row, counting the second half of our match against The Office.)

Quite a few of the individual games were close, so the final score was more lopsided than it should have been.  In fact, this match was the reverse of our match against Brennan’s earlier this season.  In both cases, the winning team was up by at least 9-0 before the other came back to win a few.  At the time, it didn’t seem like a big deal to lose the last two games, but who would have expected The Office to win their match over Casey’s 13-0?  We went into last Tuesday’s match one game back of the lead, we won 11-2, and we still lost ground.  Sometimes that happens.

Tony and his team played well, and are always a lot of fun to hang out with.  And here’s a plug: Tony owns Bradford’s, which is the best bar/restaurant in Stamford outside of Tiernan’s.  So if you’re on Bedford Street looking for a place to get a bite and a beer, head on in!

I should get a free appetizer for that, right?

Final score: an 11-2 win.

Next week we play Brennan’s II.  They beat us 10-3 at their place and looked unbeatable.  I don’t understand how they’re in 5th place, and I’m expecting a tough fight.

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