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Office Cafe I – Week #4

This is a team we’ve played several times before, and it’s usually a close match, so the handicapping wasn’t a factor.

It was close again, but we came up a little short.  It was frustrating to be up 3-1 and end up losing the match, but we didn’t play cricket very well–and they played very well indeed–so we got what we deserved.

Final score, a 7-6 loss.

Next up, it’s the team we’re tied with for first place, Armed and Hammered.

Four Recaps and a Funeral

We lost in the finals last season.

Scratch that.  We were demolished in the finals.  I think it was 7-2, but it could well have been worse than that.  Good to get that off my chest.  The Tracks team was just too good for us that night.  It was a complete 180 from our previous meeting, and I’m done with giving advice to opponents, for sure.  So with that, I’ll bury the memory of last season (but not the trophy we won for finishing the regular season in first place.)

Forty and Over for John

One day, I’m going to find out what their team name means.  Playing against a strong team anchored by one of the best players in the league, we were satisfied with a 7-6 loss at their place.

The Cards

A good group of guys, and strong dart players.  We caught them on an off night.  An 11-2 win.

Oil Ca ns

Probably the best team in the league, perennial winners of the A Division.  Inexplicably, they played poorly against us, and we’ll take it.  A 10-3 win.

Because so few teams compete in the summer league compared to the others, there is a wide range of talents in the division.  To compensate for this and give every team a fighting chance, a handicap system is in place which starts weaker teams off with one or more marks in cricket, and a lower score in 501.  Because of this, I’d predict that you’ll see wild swings in the standings throughout the season, as strong teams are by no means guaranteed to beat weaker ones.

Should be interesting!

Summer 2012: Standings, Schedule and Stats