Falling Awake

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Week #8 – Casey’s I

This is a fun team to be around.  Everybody on it is a good egg, and of course with Moose on their team, it’s hard not to have a great time.

It was a shame that two of their players had to leave before the match was over, but we muddled through by letting them grab a spectator–who’s a good dart player not currently on a team–and then throw lefty for the other missing player.

And what a great spread!  An enormous platter of wings, potato skins, chicken fingers and onion rings heaped on about five pounds of french fries.  And the bartender looked like Anna Kournikova even before I started drinking.

A lot of fun!

Final score: a 10-3 win.

The sharp-eyed reader will notice that the stats haven’t been updated this week.  They won’t, until the season is over in two weeks.  The standings here show the changes to our record and Casey’s, but not the other teams.

Next up, the biggest match of the year, against our rivals for first place, Office Cafe I.  I’d be happy with a 7-6 win, just to keep them from gaining ground on us.

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