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Summer 2012: Standings, Schedule and Stats



Stats and Standings Update

I received the stats report this morning, so those have been updated.

We didn’t knock Good Strokes out of 2nd place, so they’ll have a home match against Office Cafe.  We face Brennan’s tomorrow.

Not a prospect I relish.  Brennan’s beat us 10-3, our only loss, and we have a losing record against them this season.

Wish us luck!

Welcome, Tiernan’s Women!

At the top of the screen, you’ll notice a new button labelled “Tiernan’s Women.”  This is a brand new dart team composed of some ladies we like very much.  Here you’ll see stats for Red’s fiancee, Rook’s girlfriend, my erstwhile chauffeuse… and the rest!

(See Franny and Scotty, you’re like the Professor and Mary Ann, and those are everybody’s favorite characters!)





Stats – Fall ’09

501 Stats - Click to enlarge.


Cricket Stats - click to enlarge.