Falling Awake

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Week #5 – Good Strokes

Second week in a row that we played really well as a team.  Even if everybody’s stats didn’t rise, as I said more than once on Tuesday, it’s not so much how well you shoot as it is when you shoot well.  (That must have gotten old fast, now that I think about it.)

When the pressure was on, time after time, someone stepped up and had a great round, regardless of how well he had been playing until that time.

I got some good news from the other team: there are now only three dartboards at Tracks.  In past seasons, there have been so many lined up so close to each other that there was no room for anyone to stand.  This makes traveling to Tracks to play the final game of the season a much more pleasant prospect.

The final score doesn’t reflect the quality of Good Strokes’ play.  They were in the same frustrating situation we often find ourselves–just a hair shy a few times too often.  Could easily have gone the other way.

Nevertheless, final score: a 9-4 win.


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