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Weeks 10 – 12: Office Cafe, Muggs Away & Dart Fellas

I really started getting confused with the stats reports, because we played during the bye week, then skipped a week when everybody else was playing, and then played two matches in one week.  I couldn’t keep straight which week on the stats reports corresponded to our week, and so I sort of threw my hands up.

I think I’ve got a handle on it, but we haven’t gotten our results from last week yet and since we’re playing tomorrow I figured I’d just post what I have.

Quick recaps:

Office Cafe – Typical loss for us.  We went down 4-0, then battled back to tie it 5-5, then lost the last three games for an 8-5 loss.  Frustrating.

Muggs Away – Our sister team, and it’s always fun playing against them.  It’s even better beating them (8-5) especially since they’re in first place, but that’s a little less impressive when you find out that one of their key players was missing.

Dart Fellas – Fun group of guys.  This match was almost the reverse of the one against the Office Cafe team.  We went up 4-0, they battled back, and then we put them away 9-4.  I wonder if the Office team was as nervous when we did it to them as we were last week?

Two matches left–against The Cards and Brickhouse.  We were nine games out of the playoffs before last week, and unless that number went down quite a bit it doesn’t look like we’ll make the playoffs this time.

Sometimes playing darts is more fun when there’s nothing at stake.


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