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Casey’s RBs – Week #8


I was waiting for the stats to be sent to us before posting, and since this wouldn’t have been the first time they’d been this late I didn’t think too much about it.  But the league didn’t officially have any matches this week (Casey’s couldn’t make our December match, so we rescheduled to the off week)  so the stats won’t be coming.

The schedule above has been updated, but not the standings or stats, which will get two week’s worth of changes next week.

So, what happened?

Easy enough to describe: we played horribly in the first set of 501, and went down 4-0 before we had time to catch our breaths.  And while we did a good job of coming back and tying it up 5-5, it was just too much of a headstart to give a team as strong as Casey’s.

Special thanks to the Rook for winning the 701 game–our first one in a while!–to end the match on a high note.

Final score: a 7-6 loss.

Next up, 40 and Over for John.  What’ll happen?  Hell if I know!  Well, I know one thing.  I’ll be getting there a little earlier than usual.  Rook’s girlfriend pointed out that we’ve been starting out dismally our last few matches.  Maybe if I start “practicing” earlier we won’t start in such a hole.


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