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The Cards – Week #6

What a match!

We came into it tied with The Cards, and as we were going into the final game tied 6-6, we all smiled at each other, shaking our heads.  I don’t think either team won two games in a row all night.

Back and forth, back and forth.  It was tense, but exhilarating.  Like two heavyweight prizefighters who can’t land the knockout blow.  Okay, given the standings I guess it was more like to middleweight fighters.  (Pound-for-pound the best punchers!)

Anyway, The Cards won the first game of the night, and we alternated wins the whole match, so you can do the math.

All right, lazybones: a 7-6 loss.

So, we’ve dug a hole for ourselves, but it’s not a particularly deep hole: three games out of the playoffs at the moment.  I admit it’ll be a challenge for us to break .500 in this division, but I’m having fun just being in the hunt.

Next week we have Brickhouse I.  We’ve played them in the past, but not for a couple of years so I’m not sure how we’ll do.  Looking at the standings, I’d guess not so good.  Let’s shoot for a 7-6 upset.


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