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Dart Fellas – Week #5

It’s hard to shake the feeling that we let an opportunity slip away last Tuesday.  We had some pretty awful shooting this time out, and we had two games in our hands that we just couldn’t nail down.

And yet, we did have some awful shooting.  It’s not like that was an accident,  or it was just a fluke.  It’s not something that happened to us, it’s something we did.  And, to be honest, there were two games that we should have lost but managed to snatch away from our opponents.

So all in all, things worked out the way they should have.

As always, Fiddler’s Green is the best bar in Stamford to play darts–there’s a reason it and Tiernan’s are the only two places I’ve linked to at the top right.  Plenty of room for players and spectators to get comfortable, and in a closed-off area, too.

Good bunch of guys, as well.  One of them spent almost ten minutes before the match trying to help me repair a broken dart before we gave up and I shot with the bar darts.  I think I’ll just stick with bar darts, at least until the break, since I’ve gotten used to throwing with them.

For once, we won the 701 game!  Although it was one of the close ones: three of the four scores were at ‘5’ when we finally got out.

Final score: a 7-6 win.  And it was probably better than we deserved.

Next week it’s The Cards at Tiernan’s.  We’ve never played them before, so I have no idea what to expect.


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