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Office Cafe – Week #2




Sorry this is a little late: my “time for thinking about darts” allotment has been spent trying to reschedule next week’s match.  The other team can’t make it Tuesday, and it can be really difficult finding a new date for eight people without getting them all together on a conference call.  Right now the only thing I know is that it won’t be on Tuesday.  I’ll update when I know more.

As for last Tuesday, I’ll just say this: we started out like gangbusters and then fizzled.  That was disappointing.  We began 4-0 in our first round of 501, and then only won three out of the last nine games.  I’d say it was overconfidence, but that’s probably giving Office Cafe too little credit.  They stepped up their game, and we didn’t.  One thing I hope didn’t contribute was our opposition’s style of play in cricket.

“Point-whoring,” as it’s called, is a difficult thing to define, but you know it when you see it.  Almost every cricket game involves some scoring of points, but sometimes a team with a nice lead doesn’t go for the win when they have the chance, but instead tries to run up the score.  This can be because they don’t have the confidence that they’ll be able to hit bullseyes, or it could be an attempt to humiliate and demoralize the opposition.  I have no idea which reason the Office Cafe had, but it was definitely irksome.  I just continued to play my game and not try to “get even” with them (except for winning games, of course).  I hope it didn’t throw off my teammates, though.  Angry darts aren’t good darts, usually.

Anyway, despite their style of play I spoke with a couple of the guys on the other team and they seemed to be decent enough gents.  If I had to guess at their motivation, it’d be that we were leading 4-0 (and I’m pretty sure we won the first cricket game so make that 5-0) and were desperate to ensure that they won a few games.  Running up the score in that situation is not unforgivable.

This week’s ridiculous glitch: the rules for the 701 game were changed without notice.  The way bullseyes were scored differed both from all previous 701 games, and from the 501 games in the same match.  In an email the next day, the league office promised this would be fixed for next time.  I wonder what bug will emerge to replace it?  Two darts per turn?

Final score, a 7-6 win.

Our next scheduled match is against Casey’s RBs, but we don’t know when that will happen yet.  They’re one of the best teams in this division, and we haven’t had a lot of success against them in the past.  We did have a fracas at their place last time we were in their division, which is still the most bizarre evening I’ve ever had playing darts.  It was a real dust-up with everyone screaming in each others’ faces.  We’ve interacted several times since then and everything seems fine.  I mention it not to stoke up my troops (angry darts aren’t good darts!) but more in the “Remember that night?  That was something, huh?” vein.

Against them, if we walk away with another 7-6 win, I’m happy.


One response to “Office Cafe – Week #2

  1. Heather October 11, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    OK, so no point whoring, and no fracas. Just darts. And winning. Whenever. Got it.

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