Falling Awake

Just Darts Since 2009

So What Happened?

I guess this says it all:

Me, just after the finals. We won 7-3.

To our surprise, we were matched up against Hideaway again. The Dart Fellas had lost to them in the first round—apparently one of their better players hadn’t been able to make it.

Left to right: me, Red, Rookie and Vulture. (Not sure where Meister got to.)

It wasn’t really a pleasant surprise.  We’d beaten them four times, and twice in the last three weeks, but they’re a fine team all the same.  And I’d been mentally preparing for the other guys for the previous week.  And I just don’t like surprises.

My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew came down to cheer us on, together with Rookie and Blondie (who took the photos), and of course my chauffeuse.

We lost the first game by a hair, and then won the next three and never looked back.  The celebration went on into the night, and there was much rejoicing.

At the awards banquet last Tuesday:

There’s Rookie, me and Vulture.  You’ll notice we have two trophies.  In the past, the team that won the regular season got a trophy, and the winner of the playoffs got their team name on a plaque.  The problem was that no one ever saw the plaque again; it was kept by the league office.  So now, you get a bigger trophy for winning it all.  Vulture, as the team captain, got that one.  I snagged the other.

I also won a $25 gift card to Tiernan’s for hitting the most hat tricks in our division over the course of the season.  And—this is great—Rookie won a very spiffy electronic dart board in the raffle.

Free food, free beer all night, plus lots of swell swag?  What more could you want?

See you in the fall!


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