Falling Awake

Just Darts Since 2009

Week #18 – Shana’s Chosen Ones

Okay, I’ve cooled down since my short note the other night.

Here’s what happened:

We knew going into this match that this was our only chance to put any distance between ourselves and the Dart Fellas.  Our next two matches are against Hideaway, while they play Shame Us twice, so that’s two straight matches where we have to expect that we’ll lose ground.  With only a slim three-game margin, every win against Shana’s team was precious.

The goal I had set was an 11-2 win, which seemed unrealistic.  Well, we were up 12-0 and were playing the final game when I went to the bathroom and passed by Vulture, who was playing a bowling game.

“Cut it out,” I said as I walked by.

On my way back, he was still playing it.  “You have to stop.  We have one more game to go.”  I looked at the scores on the dartboard, and got exasperated.  “And we’re losing.”

So I take my turn throwing, then turn around to see if he’s finished, and I see that the game is still going on, and now Meister is playing, too. I lost my temper then, and I’m starting to lose it again just thinking about it.

Guess what happened in that last game?

Final score: a 12-1 win.

On the bright side, the Dart Fellas only won 7-6 in their match, so we have an eight-game lead on them at the moment.  But they own the tie-breaker against us, so we only have seven games to play with.

I’m going to set a goal against the Hideaway club that will allow us to control our own destiny.  If I assume that the Dart Fellas win all their games against Shame Us, we’ll need to win 19 games in our two matches against Hideaway.  We’re at home for the first one, so we’ll need to win it 10-3.

That’s a tall order, because they’re a good team and they almost beat us the last time we played.  (And if we’d won that last game on Tuesday, the goal would have only been 9-4.)

And I swear, if we end up losing by one lousy game after twenty weeks of darts, I’m gonna go ballistic.


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