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Week #16 – Dart Fellas

I didn’t have a lot of confidence going into this one.  One of our regulars wasn’t going to be there, so we decided to have a practice session last Sunday—the first practice we’ve had in at least three years.

Rookie hadn’t agreed to this, but he came down anyway.  Vulture had agreed, but he blew us off.  So Rookie, Red and I spent an hour or so throwing darts down at Tiernan’s on Sunday afternoon, and I’d say it paid off.

Rob’s scores were solid, mine were about as high as I can shoot, and Rookie’s were very surprising.  If you look at the stats, you wouldn’t think he had that good a match, but remember that those are rolling averages and he was working against some pretty low numbers.  It’s hard to bring that up.

The bottom line was, he didn’t just fill in, he helped the team.  He won both his cricket games, for a start, including one he played with me that came down to “the next team to hit a bullseye wins.”  He did it.

Rookie even played better than Vulture, and I say it serves Vulture right for not showing up for practice!

Final score: an 8-5 win.

Also, in the past I’ve implied that the Dart Fellas weren’t such a great team to play against.  Maybe they (or I!) had a bad night.  Couldn’t have been more different on Tuesday.  We had a good time, didn’t get into “point wars” in cricket, and had fun with them.  So that’s good, too.

So now we’re done with the Dart Fellas in the regular season.  Where do we stand?  Well, five games up, obviously.  But they’ve beaten us worse than we’ve beaten them.  They’ve got the tiebreaker in head-to-head matches, so we’re functionally four games up.

We’re done with Harry O’s, and they have a match left against them.  We have a make-up match against Hideaway, while they have a make-up against Shame Us.  So the odds are still stacked against us, I think.  We’ll really need to keep hitting double-digits wins to hope to maintain this lead.

Sounds like we should keep up the practice sessions.

Ain’t that right, Vulture?


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