Falling Awake

Just Darts Since 2009

Week #15 – Harry O’s II

It was a weird week this time out.

We had two members of the opposing team duck out early due to illness.  The fact that we let the remaining two carry on without them makes me feel better about what I did in one of the games.

Without realizing it, I shot for my partner.  This is normally not a big deal, as you can just delete the last throw from the machine and continue on.  But in this case, I won the game with my first dart.  Once the game’s over, it’s over.  In fairness, though, we were going to win the game anyway, and if we hadn’t waived the “three player minimum rule” we would have won all the games anyway.

Final score?  We won all the games anyway.  A 13-0 win.

Nicest thing about the night?  When one of our opponents—after the 13-0 shellacking—said that they always had a good time playing against us.  I think that means we’re doing it right.

So, we’re as ready as we can be for Tuesday’s match against the Dart Fellas.  It’s disappointing that we’ll again be playing without one of our regulars.  We beat this team 8-5 the one time we were all together, but have lost the other times we’ve played.

Unless maybe it’s not who plays, but where. You could also say that we won 8-5 the only time we played at their place, and lost all our home games against them.  I prefer that point of view, myself.


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