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Dart Fellas – Week #7

It occurred to me after last week’s recap that I hadn’t mentioned what to me is the most important information about the match, so let me do that now:  the Harry O’s team were a great bunch of guys and gals.  Sometimes when that’s left out, the implication can be that they weren’t, which wouldn’t be true in that case.

On to this case…

We went in looking for a win—any win.  We’d lost big against the Dart Fellas the first time around, and have consistently chipped away at their substantial lead for the past few weeks.  The goal was to not lose any of that ground back to them.

We didn’t play particularly well, but neither did they.  We won exactly one game that was never in doubt, and so did they.  It was a very even match all the way through, and apart from those two games they were always close.

The funny thing is, that even though we wanted to win 7-6, and we ended up winning 8-5, we were still a little disappointed.  We were up 8-4 going into the last game and lost.  And a 9-4 win would have vaulted us into first place.  But rationally, a one-game difference is meaningless at this point in the season, so we did what we set out to do, and I don’t see how we can be unhappy about that.

Final score: an 8-5 win.

Next up is Shame Us.  We beat them 8-5 the first time around when I played pretty poorly and we were the visiting team.  (That does make a difference.)  I’ve had good luck with setting goals the last couple of weeks, so let’s shoot for one more win than last time, and try for 9-4.

And again, the team we played the week before the Dart Fellas were a fine bunch of folks.


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