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Harry O’s II – Week #6

Not much to say besides that we were running on all cylinders that night.  We lost the second game of the match and then never looked back.  The Harry O’s team came out like gangbusters when we got into the cricket games, but we didn’t get rattled, plugged away, and won those too.

Two girls on the other team this time.  I don’t think I’ll be mentioning this again, since it doesn’t seem to be unusual anymore.

One neat thing: in the final game of the match, one of their players hit a 180 (three triple 20s).  It was the first time I’d ever seen that done, and it was a pleasure to be there when it happened.  It was also a pleasure to win that game anyway.

Final score: a 12-1 win.

Next up is the Dart Fellas.  They beat us 10-3 the first time around, and we trail them by four games.  I think our goal should be to win 7-6.  I’ve checked their stats and they match up pretty well against us.  Going into their place and coming back with a win of any size would be something to be proud of.


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