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Hideaway – Week #5

Joe from Hideaway is a heck of a dart player.  About halfway through the match he hadn’t lost yet, and I told my teammates we had to buckle down and beat him at least once, just for the chance to take the match.  We were tied 3-3, and he’d won every game for his team, and these weren’t games we threw away.  We played well in every one of them, and lost.

After he’d beaten me for the second time for his third win, I walked out of the bar for a breath of fresh air.  As I passed their team, I heard one of them remark about me, “he’s scared.”  That annoyed me for a moment—I wasn’t scared, I was frustrated.  I pretended not to hear, and walked on.

Then I realized it was a good thing if they believed that.  If they expected me to fold, or to get desperate, then it might throw them if I came back at them harder then ever.  The trick would be trying to focus—angry darts are poorly thrown darts.

I didn’t say anything to my teammates, because they were already playing with focus, and I didn’t want them to feel that they needed to prove anything.

Well, we won the next game as we’d won every other game when Joe wasn’t playing.  And then we beat him.  And then we won each game we played for the rest of the evening.

Joe fell apart.  By the end, he was yelling at the dartboard.

Final score: a 10-3 win.

So it’s been once through the opposition.  Looking at the standings, and our results, I can see that the next two weeks will be key for the rest of the season.

First up, we have Harry O’s II, who are in last place.  We beat them 8-5 the first time we faced them, which seemed great at the time.  Now that we’ve beaten better teams than them 10-3, we’ll have to do better than 8-5 against them—especially since we’re at home.

Then of course, it’s the Dart Fellas.  We’ll be playing at their place and we have to make it a match.  We don’t have to destroy them, but 7-6 or 8-5 should be good enough to go on with.

Of course it’s a very long season, so it may be too early to make judgments like this.   If we just play the way we have the last two weeks, the results will take care of themselves.


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