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Shana’s Chosen Ones – Week #4

The commutative transitive property only applies to arithmetic.

The Dart Fellas beat Shana’s Chosen Ones 10-3, and then they also beat us 10-3.  So you’d think that our two teams would be about even, right?  It never works out that way.

As for our opponents, they’re a fine bunch of fellas.  And like last week, I’ll add: except for the girl.  It’s unusual for women to play in the league, so two weeks in a row seems like a trend.  If so, it’s a trend I like—it cuts down on the Rookie’s swearing and general boorishness.  (In all seriousness, we’d like to thank the Rookie again for filling in at the last minute.  The stats don’t show it, but the kid won two games for us.)

As far as how we played, I have to be honest.  We could have done better.  Now I missed the first two weeks, so it’s impossible for me to say with certainty, but just looking at the stats so far it seems clear that our team is under-performing compared to previous seasons.  And yet, we’re in second place.

If we can raise our game back to what it was, we could do very well this year.  We’re eight games back with something like 200 to go.

Final score: a 10-3 win.

(Ugh. I changed the theme and can’t insert our standings here. Check the top for now. I also hate the colors. I’ll find something better that still lets you click on a team name on the right and get every post mentioning that team.)


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