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Shame Us – Week #3

What to say about this one?

Well, let’s start with the team.  Shame Us—a sound-alike* for the name of Tiernan’s owner, not a dare—was a fun team to play against.  Nice bunch of guys, except for the girl.  She was nice too, though.

What with the election going on and everything, perhaps the match didn’t get my undivided attention.  That sounds good, and nobody can prove it’s wrong, but the bottom line is that I played what may have been my worst match since I started blogging about them.

The good news?  Every time I played, my partner stepped up his game.  Of the seven games I played, our team won five of them.  I’ll take that on an off night, and I have to thank everybody else for carrying me.

I can’t be too upset about the results, except for the fact that they could have been even better.  Hey!  Kind of like the election!

Final score: an 8-5 win.

*Yes, a homonym.  I didn’t want to use a word like that right off the bat, though.


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