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Off the Tracks – Week #10

This is about as late as it’s possible to post about last week’s match, which should give you a hint about how it went.  Not as a night—it was actually not a bad time at all.  The result, though?  Not so good.

First, Tracks has rethought their dart board positioning, and it’s much improved now.  Where you used to have boards all lined up against one wall, like a series of lanes at a bowling alley, now the boards are positioned back to back, freeing up some (but only some) space for people to stand.

When we arrived there were three boards set up for playing.  Unfortunately, there were four matches scheduled.  Before it became apparent that all the boards were occupied, we were jumping from board to board to try to warm up.  When we got thrown off the last board like a sandlot baseball team off the little league field, our hosts pulled out the fourth board.  We started about half an hour late.  And I would have a legitimate complaint about that if one of our own players didn’t show up at that exact moment.

When you go down 4-0 to start a match, there’s not much you can do.  The one thing that you mustn’t do is get frustrated.  Our team had mixed results on that front.  It sounds simple, but it’s hard to let go of the bad games you throw.   There’s no alternative, though.  You can’t have those back, and if getting worked up over not playing well is going to continue to throw off your game, you’ve got to take a deep breath, forget the past, and get in the moment.

Considering the start, and the fact that Off the Tracks not only is a very good team, and that they staged an improbable comeback to win a game of cricket that 95% of teams would have given up on, the final score was not so bad.  We beat them 9-4 in our place, and they beat us 9-4 at theirs.

What’s interesting now is to look at the standings:

This is about as fluid as it gets going into the final match.  Four teams have a legitimate shot at the final three spots.  The only thing I’m taking out of this is that we need to win tomorrow.  I could look closely at it and say, well if we win 6 we’re in, or if we win 5 let me check on our record against Brickhouse, but that’s the wrong mindset.

The goal tomorrow is a win.  We don’t need anybody’s help, we just need to have the right attitude, and stay in the moment.


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