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T E R D – Week #9

This post is really, really late, so we must have lost big, right?

Nope.  We did fine.  Don’t know why it took me so long to post, besides not feeling like it.

Anyway, we won some games we should have lost, and we lost some we should have won.  These are a good group of guys to play against—just a lot of fun and a relaxing evening.  There are teams that you really need to beat, and teams that you really can’t allow yourself to lose to.  T E R D is neither, just a bunch of good dart players that are right at our skill level, and who have the same attitude towards the match that we have.  It was a relaxing, fun evening.

And I’m not saying that just because we won.  I’m sure we ended up winning because we were relaxed.  It was just a different atmosphere from what we’ve had the last few weeks, and it was like that from the very start of the match.

(I could point out that we were up 7-3, and really should have won by a larger margin.  Yeah, we kicked ourselves a little bit for not bearing down harder at the end, but it wasn’t a night-ruiner.  Actually, I guess I did just point that out.)

I was going to say something about my cricket score continuing to plummet inexplicably as the season nears its end, but I just looked at last season’s cricket stats, and it’s not inexplicable.  Allow me to explicify:* it’s called regression to the mean, and I’m still shooting better than I did at almost any point last season.  As a matter of fact, we all are shooting at least as well as we did last time.  It just doesn’t feel that way when you’ve hit a bad patch.  To go with the cricket, here are last season’s 501 stats.

So that’s why I post this stuff here.  Because I won’t remember it otherwise.

Final score: a 7-6 win.

Next week, it’s into the lion’s den at Tracks.  I’ve heard they’ve rearranged the dart boards since the last time we were there, which would be a blessing.  They’re pretty far out in front of us, so we’ll just relax and do the best we can to catch them.  I hope.


*Pronounce ‘explicify’ with a hard c.


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