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Dart Fellas – Week #8

Hoo, boy.

This was pretty disastrous.  Needing to win in the double digits to give us a shot at catching up to the first place team, we were at home against the last place team.

We’d beaten the Dart Fellas at their place 11-2, so everything seemed lined up for us to make a run at regaining the top spot.  Our schemes were well-laid, to say the least.

When it became clear that we weren’t going to win at least 10 games (at about the time we were trailing 3-1) I began thinking about how I’d start this post.  I’d tie it into last week’s, when I talked about losses which didn’t hurt so much.  This would be an example of wins that were devastating.

Reality didn’t comply with these plans either, because we didn’t win.  We flat-out lost.

The details aren’t important.  We just seem to be caught in a funk, and time is running out for us to get back on track.  It’s a crisis of confidence.

So let’s look at this not through rose-colored glasses, but at least without being too colored by our recent failures.

We’re in second place behind a team that we’ve beaten already this season.  We play them one more time before the end, so we can gain some ground there.  We have another match against T E R D, who we’ve beaten 8-5.  And one more against Muggs Away—who will not be allowed to play a ringer again if I have anything to say about it.

And if we can’t make up the ground, I hope we can at least get back to having fun playing darts.  It’s not the losing that’s getting us down, it’s the feeling that we’re just not playing the way we should be.  Let’s loosen up, get our heads right, and have fun against  T E R D on Tuesday.  If we can do that, we’ll improve our chances at the top spot, but that’s just a byproduct of our real aim.

Let’s have some fun out there.

Final score: a 7-6 loss.


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