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Muggs Away – Week #6

You may have noticed that I tend to post these recaps very quickly after a win, but it can take a while for you to learn about a loss.  I assure you that this is no coincidence.  After a loss, it can take me a couple of days even to open up the e-mail we’re sent with our stats and standings.

If you check out the stats above, you’ll see that although we dropped our game a little overall, there was no collapse.  We didn’t play as well as we could have, but then we rarely all do.  If you look only at our stats and the relative standings of our two teams, you’d be left scratching your head over this loss.

I’ll explain it to you, but first let me give you a little background.

Part of the challenge in assembling a dart team is getting four people who you can depend upon to show up every Tuesday night.  Getting two others to agree to be subs (who may not play a single match and yet will willingly jump in at the last moment to fill in) is even harder.

Several years ago Red and I were on a team where all the other players dropped out or disappeared on us.  We’d let the other team know the situation, and we’d pick up a couple of players from the other team’s bar to stand in for us.  (They only allowed us to use bad players, and rightly so.)  Sometimes, Red and I could only scrounge up one extra player, and then we’d have to go through games skipping our team’s turn every other time.  Red actually won a game of cricket playing without a partner, which is one of his proudest achievements as a dart player.  (If you don’t realize how difficult that was, then trust me.  It was amazing.)

This is all my way of saying that if a team is short a player, they should tell their opponents to see what can be worked out.  Matches can be rescheduled, and substitutes can be found.

In other words, when the best player on a team—by a long shot—answers to a name that’s not the one he’s playing under, there’s something funny going on.  And not “ha-ha” funny.

We don’t check people’s IDs in this league, and I don’t think we should.  But it’s tough to operate under the honor system if you lack the obvious requisite.

Final score: an 8-5 loss.

(Incidentally, there was a mix-up setting up the match, and Muggs Away played as the home team.  They agreed that we’ll be the home team the next time we play, so I’ve updated the schedule to reflect that.)


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