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Dart Fellas – Week #3

This is a brand new team, which was bumped up from C to B division in the last-minute schedule changes.  This was unfair to them, but I suppose that in order to have each division have an even number of teams, some team always gets the shaft.

They have talent.  Their cricket play is very good, and it took some very strong play on our part just to split those four games.  As usual with new teams, it’s the 501 games that gave them trouble.  They just need more practice, and to learn their outs, and maybe by the next time we play them they’ll give us a run for our money in those games as well.

The main thing, of course, is that they were good sports and fun to play against.

Final score: an 11-2 win.

Stats updated above.

(We may be moving our match against T E R D from next Tuesday to our bye week.  I’ll update the schedule if we do.)


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