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Brickhouse I – Week #2

This was a tough match.  Back and forth.  Up 2-0, down 4-2.

Et cetera.

The nicest thing about winning this match was that it was a team effort.  I certainly didn’t play very well, but the other guys stepped it up and pulled out one or two games that we could have easily lost.

(My biggest contribution of the night was in a game of cricket.  My partner had been carrying me the whole game, and I ended up at the line needing three bullseyes for the win.  1-2-3, the game was over.  On our team, we call that a “vulture:” swooping in to snag the win from your more deserving partner.  That was sweet.)

We had a similar situation in the final game of 701.  We always have trouble winning that game.  It was looking to get a little dicey when Vulture—that’s his nickname (see above)—hit a hat trick and gave us some breathing room.  Not a “classic” vulture, since he didn’t win, but it was along the same lines.

Whatever it takes, right?

Final score: a 7-6 win.


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