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Winter ’10 Dart League Has Begun!

The new season began on Tuesday, so let’s close the book on Fall ’09.

Final stats:

Cricket Stats - click to enlarge.

501 Stats - Click to enlarge.

Final standings:

So we ended in 4th place and lost our playoff game.  No trophy, no plaque, no nothin’.

That’s okay, clean slate and all that.

Moose did a great job standing in at short notice for Meister, who returns for the winter season.  Moose has assured us that he’ll be available to jump in as a sub if he’s called upon, and he’s got an honest face, so I’m sure he will.  Thanks, Moose!

You’ll notice that the look of the stats and standings has changed for the new season.  I’ve switched over to a newer (and much faster) computer, but it doesn’t have Excel, so I’ve switched over to Google documents.  It works great—and is free!—but it’s not as customizable as Excel.

Nothing else, I think.  Here’s to a great season!


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