Falling Awake

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Week #1 – T E R D

In this match, we got off to a strong start and held on.  We were up 3-0, and ended up 8-5.  It wasn’t due to our having any kind of superior focus early on, but more because T E R D didn’t warm up enough.

Here’s why:  the beginning of this season has been very confusing.  We’re one match in and we’ve had four different schedules (the one above is correct as of 1/29/10, by the way) and one shifting of teams from division to division.  I didn’t speak to T E R D about this (because I’m not the captain this time around—whoo-hoo!) but it seems likely that that’s the reason for the late start and their insufficient warm-ups.

I’m not torn up about it, though.  A win’s a win, right?

Final score: an 8-5 win.

(Because of the reshuffling of divisions, there were two teams who played matches on Tuesday which won’t be counted.  They’ll show up in the standings after their first matches in this division.)


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