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Week #10 – Good Strokes

After the disappointment of the last match, we needed to bounce back strongly against this team.  We’d beaten them 7-6 at our place, and we had to do that again to have a chance at ending up in second place and getting a home game for the first week of the playoffs.

Didn’t happen.  We were flat and listless.  I don’t know if this had anything to do with it (I mean our performance, not the result) but Tracks, Good Strokes’ home bar, has become a terrible place to play darts.  They used to have an area between the bar and the restaurant area with a couple of boards, but now it looks more like the darts equivalent of a bowling alley.  Six machines lined up along a wall.  Eight players per board plus assorted hangers-on, waitresses and other patrons makes for a very crowded, uncomfortable experience.

Anyway, what’s done is done.  We went from second place (with a shot at first) to fourth place in two weeks.  Not the best way to go into the playoffs.

Final score: an 8-5 loss.


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