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Week #5 – Good Strokes

Our first home match of the season!  I wish we had made more of it, but we did finally win the last game of the match, so there’s that.

For a team that had three—count ’em!—members sporting Yankee caps, they weren’t obnoxious at all.  They had one guy who was incredible at cricket, but fortunately we were able to snag the two games he didn’t play.  We were evenly matched on 501 as well, as the final score showed.

Not much else to report, except that Red’s new girlfriend came to the match about halfway through and he started playing much better after that.  She’s not allowed to be late in the future.

Final score: a 7-6 win.

Stats updated above, click to see them.  Also, an important update to the schedule.  Next week’s open tournament is being held on the upper level at Bradford’s, not at Tiernan’s.

No match next week, so an update will come in a fortnight.

Week 5 Standings


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