Falling Awake

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Week #2 – T E R D

A fairly new team—they started in the spring—but they were very good at the bullseyes.  That’s pretty typical of new teams, because in this league we play eight games of 501 and one of 701, and only four games of Cricket.  You just tend to get a lot better at the bulls because you’re shooting at them the majority of the time.

501 was a struggle for us this week.  Luckily for us, they weren’t as practiced at hitting their Cricket numbers, so we were able to hold our own and tie the game up at 6 after being down 3-1.  For the second week in a row we lost the final 701 game, which is always disappointing.

Final score, a 7-6 loss.  We head home to Tiernan’s next week for our home opener.  We started the season with two road matches, but we get repaid for that later when we have three straight home matches (with one week off for the league dart tournament.)

Home sweet home awaits!

Week 2 Standings


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