Falling Awake

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Week #1 – Team Versus

These were a good group of guys—if two guys constitute a “group.”  They had some difficulty getting four players, and since we didn’t want to win by forfeit or play against ringers, I made a deal.

They could play two people who weren’t on their roster, with one condition.  If either of the non-roster players had a game where they were the best shooter, the next game they shot they’d have to play with their off-hand.

That ended up not happening.  They really were beginners, all of them.  I helped them out by explaining the freeze rule and warning them when it applied.  I gave them some advice on proper Cricket strategy, too.  This wasn’t really altruistic—I wanted them to play better against the other teams in the league.

I tried to buck them up after the match by telling them about our first season, when we lost 13-0 in our second outing.  I told them not to get discouraged but to keep trying.  Again, not altruistic—if they quit the league, everyone gets 13-0 forfeits against them.  Except we won 12-1, so we’d lose a game on everyone else.

In the last game, their two subs quit.  We let them play just the two of them, which hurt our chances because they were shooting every other round, while we were all shooting every fourth round.  It makes a surprising difference.  Can’t complain, though.

Week 1 Standings


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