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The Associated Press is jazzed about Obama!

[I posted this comment over at Threedonia and liked the last paragraph so much I’m using it here.

The AP story it references, entitled “Obama breaks from Bush, avoids divisive stands,” is here.]

Remember when the AP reported facts?

[Obama] even halted a few times to ask for clarification from his White House counsel. That sort of deferral to someone else in a public setting and admission of a less-than-perfect command of the facts was never Bush’s style.

This could also be written this way:

President Obama halted a few times to ask for clarification from his White House counsel, demonstrating his unfamiliarity with his own executive orders.

Which wouldn’t be fair, either. Neither version is what we should expect from the AP.

And, of course, principled opposition from Republicans amounts to “griping,” while Obama remains “a picture of poise.”

The article’s main theme is how bipartisan Obama’s actions have been so far, while the only issues discussed are the closing of Guantanamo and the use of taxpayer funds to abort Mexicans. According to the AP, these actions are not divisive because they are unsuprising.

Even with the weight of the country’s troubles now on his shoulders, he was relaxed as he twirled his wife, Michelle, at celebratory balls.

The AP doesn’t divulge whose balls these were. (I’m guessing Ted Kennedy’s.) But that’s beside the point. Whoever the balls belonged to, the President should not have been twirling his wife at them.


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