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A chance to question John Zogby

You’ve heard of the Zogby poll, right?

I’ll be at an event on December 3rd with the founder of the Zogby poll, John Zogby, where he’ll be signing his new book The Way We’ll Be.

I’m hoping to be able to ask him one good question.  What should it be? 

I’ll be there in a professional capacity, so any question you submit needs to be respectful.

Any ideas?


One response to “A chance to question John Zogby

  1. THE MAIN ONE! November 2, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    I think you should ask him to explain the wild fluctuations in the polls. How would he explain the fact that Obama was ahead by 10 points in New Hampshire the day before the Democrat Primary and Hillary won that contest. Explain please!

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