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Cool site for baseball fans.

Last night the Boston Red Sox beat the Texas Rangers 19-17.  It was a remarkable game, to say the least.  The Red Sox scored ten runs in the first inning, but trailed late in the game before scoring four runs in their final at bat.  The Rangers’ pitcher allowed twelve runs, but did not get the loss.  David Ortiz hit two three-run homers in the first inning.

Here’s a cool way to see all of this information in a glance:

Win Expectancy from Fangraphs.com

Win Expectancy from Fangraphs.com

This graph was generated by looking at all the baseball games in a vast database.  For each inning, score, number of outs, and baserunner situation, the site determines the chance of the home team winning (or losing).  The graph is updated in real time.  There are also all sorts of charts available for every major league player’s stats, which I would imagine would be useful for fantasy league players.

It’s all here: fangraphs.com.


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