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What an odd story.

The Drudge Report headline read: “Lady Thatcher to be honored with state funeral.”

I was surprised, to say the least. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard that Margaret Thatcher had died. Clicking the link, I arrived at the Daily Mail, which clarified things:

Margaret Thatcher is to be given the ultimate accolade of a State funeral when she reaches the end of her days – the first British Prime Minister since Winston Churchill to be afforded such an honour.

Oh, so she’s not dead.  Maybe she’s on her deathbed?  Well, no…

Although Lady Thatcher is currently in good health – she was with the Queen at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday – The Mail on Sunday has learned that plans are under way for her funeral, when the time eventually comes, to take place at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Okay.  So is this really news?  There is a plan in place for Margaret Thatcher’s eventual funeral.  Thank goodness!  I’m sure everyone had been worried about that.

So what was the point of the story?  Believe it or not, it was this:

…[T]he possibility of a formal procession could be jeopardised by fears that there are insufficient troops available to line the route because the Armed Forces are so overstretched in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Is this what they call “flooding the zone?”  Is this supposed to change someone’s mind about the current war?  It must be, because it’s certainly not a newsworthy story.

I’m trying hard to imagine a bewhiskered peer of the realm reading this story.  His monocle drops into his tea as he leaps to his feet.  “By God, I was four-square with the Yanks until now, but the prospect of insufficient pomp at Lady Thatcher’s funeral?  We must withdraw immediately.  Consequences be hanged!”

Or maybe, it’s aimed at the Left: George Galloway is standing on an orange crate in Hyde Park, haranguing passersby with tales of war crimes committed in their name upon innocent Iraqis.  A friend taps him on the shoulder and whispers in his ear, “Lady Thatcher probably won’t live more than ten more years.  If we don’t withdraw any troops from the Middle East by then it may prove mildly embarrassing to the Conservative Party.”  Galloway, without a pause, begins shouting, “Stay the course!  We must not abandon our freedom-loving Iraqi friends!”

Nope.  Doesn’t work either way.


One response to “What an odd story.

  1. Will Bassuk February 18, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    Interesting reason. I prefer to make out the print IMDB

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