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Mrs. Obama=Mrs. Kerry?

Remember what an embarrassment Madame Heinz-Kerry was to the Democratic candidate?  She was a rich foreigner who really didn’t understand America, but that didn’t keep her from criticizing it whenever John forgot to muzzle her.

 Is Mrs. Obama cut from the same cloth?  She was born in this country, as a member of a presumed disadvantaged group, and yet this woman (a Harvard-educated millionaire) just recently pronounced that for the first time in her adult life she is “really proud” to be an American.

 Madame Obama is 44 years old.  I don’t know her birthday, but let’s assume we’re talking about 01/01/1982 and after.  She was an adult during:

  • The fall of the Berlin Wall
  • The way we came together after 9/11 (that lasted about 2 weeks, but still…)
  • The flood of private aid towards those people devastated by the 2004 tsunami

In addition to the big things, I’m even more proud of my country in the little things, which are easy to take for granted:

  • I’m proud that the poorest of our poor have cars, microwave ovens, and cable televion.  And that the number one health problem of our poor is obesity.
  • I’m proud that our traitorous leftist citizens need not fear arrest, and that they can pretend that they are truly “speaking truth to power,” God bless them.
  • I’m proud that we are the oldest continuous democracy in the world.  (Didn’t know that?  Thank your high school history teacher.)

I’m sure you’ve got more, big and little.  Add your thoughts in the comments.


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