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Thief jailed for stealing documents from the National Archives

No, not Sandy Berger.

Sandy Berger, you’ll recall, was President Clinton’s National Security Advisor.  He went to the National Archives and stole classified documents related to terrorism during the last year of the Clinton administration.  He then destroyed them.

He’s not the one who got jail time.  Berger lost his law license (which he hadn’t needed in fifteen years, and had never planned to use again), was fined $50,000 (small potatoes for a Friend of Bill and a lot less than Scooter Libby was fined), and lost his security clearance until–get this–2008.  It’s not like he was going to need that until then, now was he?

No.  The court decided to get tough on a man named Dennis McTague, who stole precious Civil War papers and sold them on e-bay.  Now, it is right that Mr. McTague go to jail for this.  The National Archives belong to all of us, and this theft must be punished.

But on the other hand, we know exactly what was contained in the documents McTague stole, and they all still exist–as a matter of fact almost all of them have been recovered.

I’d go as far as to say that stealing and destroying documents from the National Archives should get you a harsher sentence than stealing and selling them, no?  How about if they’re classified?


2 responses to “Thief jailed for stealing documents from the National Archives

  1. INFJ July 18, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    We might never know what papers Sandy Berger stole, but we sure as hell know that Clinton didn’t want anyone to know. This was just another example of the wimpiness of the Republicans. Had it been the other way around the Dems would have been rioting in the streets.

  2. INFJ August 6, 2007 at 10:16 pm

    The Republicans either have no guts or are so corrupt they are afraid to call the kettle black. Which do you think?

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