Falling Awake

Just Darts Since 2009

I wish I was a tough guy.

I had a cavity filled today–my first one ever!  (Now I’m not perfect.)

Anyway, I’m walking home from the dentist with a face full of novocaine, and I start thinking.

What if I start a fight?  My face is numb from the tip of my nose to the right corner of my mouth.  All my upper front teeth are deadened.  I could provoke someone into punching me in the mouth, then smile and spit a tooth back at him!

But then I thought: “I’ll bet the novocaine wouldn’t improve my punching ability.”  And without a good follow-up, that tooth-spitting gimmick would sort of fall flat.

Ah, well.

By the way, I know that in the headline I should have used the subjunctive: “I wish I were a tough guy.”

But tough guys don’t use the subjunctive.  Ever.


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