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But this is IMPOSSIBLE!

Have you noticed the recent upswing in enforcement of our immigration laws?

Now, if this sort of thing had been happening for the past three or four years, I think President Bush would have an easier time selling his immigration bill to the American public.

But it’s a good start.  No, not towards deporting 12 million people, but in making those 12 million people aware that there is a chance that they may be next.  Otherwise, why would they even apply for legal status?

So let’s see how this goes for the next several years–especially if the next president is a Democrat–and then we’ll talk again about comprehensive immigration reform.


One response to “But this is IMPOSSIBLE!

  1. TL Winslow July 15, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    The age-old pesky U.S.-Mexico border problem has taxed the resources of both countries, led to long lists of injustices, and appears to be heading only for worse troubles in the future. Guess what? The border problem can never be solved. Why? Because the border IS the problem! It’s time for a paradigm change.

    Never fear, a satisfying, comprehensive solution is within reach: the Megamerge Dissolution Solution. Simply dissolve the border along with the failed Mexican government, and megamerge the two countries under U.S. law, with mass free 2-way migration eventually equalizing the development and opportunities permanently, with justice and without racism, and without threatening U.S. sovereignty or basic principles.

    Click the url and read the details of the new paradigm for U.S.-Mexico relations.

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