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More on Paris Hilton

Here are a couple of other takes on the grotesque glee surrounding the Paris Hilton imprisonment.

The first is from Scott Ott at ScrappleFace (it’s satire):

An overwhelming majority of Americans say they’ve never felt better about themselves than during the past several weeks as they follow the story of Paris’ Hilton’s conviction and incarceration.

“It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” said one poll respondent, a resident of suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Just knowing that rich, famous, beautiful people can be miserable, pathetic losers gives me hope that my own troubled existence may have meaning. I can’t get enough of this story on TV. Every moment is like a multivitamin for my ego.”

The CBS News/New York Times survey also showed that, 58 percent of Americans were willing to see Ms. Hilton suffer further disgrace, prolonged imprisonment or even death for the good of the nation.

And here’s Christopher Hitchens:

Stuck in my own trap of writing about a nonsubject, I think I can defend my own self-respect, and also the integrity of a lost girl, by saying two things. First, the trivial doings of Paris Hilton are of no importance to me, or anyone else, and I should not be forced to contemplate them. Second, she should be left alone to lead such a life as has been left to her. If this seems paradoxical, then very well.

I guess that what he’s saying is “paradoxical” is the fact that he’s writing about her, because his two points certainly aren’t.  He also seems to think she should never have been imprisoned in the first place, but that’s not necessarily what I think.

I just don’t like where the culture is on this point.  She’s a jerk.  There are lots of jerks.  Why pick on her?


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