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Scooped by the WSJ

Reading through the news this evening, I had planned a nice little post linking together three stories:

  1. Eco-Extremist Wants World Population to Drop below 1 Billion: Sea Shepherd founder says mankind is a “virus” and we need to “re-wild the planet”
  2. Children “bad for planet”
  3. China faces baby boom as parents flout rules

It was going to be very thought-provoking.  And moving.  Then I read Best of the Web at the Wall Street Journal’s site, and their first item today was on this topic, and cited these very same articles.  They didn’t write it as well as I would have (all wit and no soul), but my heart’s just not in it now.

If I’ve learned anything in this business, it’s that a timely post trumps timeless prose.

Ah, well.  The world’s loss, I suppose.

So, in order to comply with my new post-every-other-day rule, I’ve unearthed a story the WSJ missed, from PeoplePC News:

BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio – Where is an orange-haired bank robbery suspect most likely to hang out? The salon, of course.  That’s where police found [the suspect], who was wanted in a Tuesday robbery in Scranton, Pa. The [man] may have been trying to change his hair color to conceal his identity, said J.J. Kalaver, an agent in the FBI’s Philadelphia division.”Maybe in a big city you can get away with walking around with orange hair, but in a smaller town you probably stand out,” he said.

You certainly do.  My crack staff managed to find a picture of the suspect, just click below to see it.


Orange hair!


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