Falling Awake

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Ten random observations about Greenwich, Connecticut

The clock on Greenwich Avenue

  1. People really say things like, “After all, this is Greenwich!” if a store doesn’t have what they’re looking for.  They really do.
  2. The older the women are, the tanner they are.  Or maybe vice versa.
  3. Parking meters cost a quarter for twenty lousy minutes.
  4. The cops who direct traffic on Greenwich Avenue are less friendly than your average stoplight.
  5. People feel free to bring large dogs into stores.
  6. Teenage girls don’t wear enough clothes here, either.
  7. People here want to be told what to buy.  They know how to make the money; but what to spend it on?  Not a clue.
  8. Part of my job description is now to know where every store on Greenwich Avenue is located.  It’s irritating when I don’t.
  9. There definitely is a difference between old money and new money: old money can afford to be gracious, but they’re harder to please.
  10. People are people wherever you go.  That’s what I like about ’em.

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