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What’s with this climate change, anyway?

Okay, it’s been about three months since I posted on this topic, and I’ve been thinking about it, and reading about it, and here’s where I am now:

If you’re buying what Al Gore’s selling, here’s what you have to accept:

  1. The mean global temperature is rising
  2. If the mean global temperature is rising, that’s because atmospheric CO2 levels are rising
  3. If atmospheric CO2 levels are rising, that’s because of increased industrialization
  4. If industrialization is causing CO2 levels to rise, resulting in a rise in mean global temperature, that will have bad consequences
  5. To avoid those bad consequences, we have to drastically change our behavior


I’ve tried to spell out the complete chain of logic employed by environmentalist groups, a logic they often leave implicit.  It’s important to make sure we have every link in the chain clear and explicit, because if any one of them is false, the entire claim is refuted.

It’s a lot to swallow, so we’re going to move slowly.  (Regular visitors to this site know how slowly I can go, when I want to.)

Have I covered everything?  Are any of these links unnecessary to establish the Green lobby’s claim?  Comments are welcome.


2 responses to “What’s with this climate change, anyway?

  1. jackman March 22, 2007 at 9:21 pm

    I’ve come across a very interesting documentary, and posted it here http://eyeongreenwich.blogspot.com/ What is most interesting is CO2 levels trail global warming by about 800 years. It seems global warming causes increased CO2 levels, not the other way around.


  2. INFJ April 27, 2007 at 9:20 am

    Great documentary, Jackman!

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