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Move along people, nothing to see here

Here’s another muslim who is absolutely not a terrorist.  Let me see what other incidents of this type I can recall:

  • The Washington Snipers case
  • The Oklahoma football stadium bomber
  • The UNC-Chapel Hill SUV incident
  • The hit-and-run spree in San Francisco
  • The shootings at the Jewish center in Seattle
  • The shootings at the El Al counter at LAX
  •  And these are just off the top of my head!

    Apart from the “faith tradition” of the perpetrators, the common element in all these cases is the unseemly haste with which authorities deny any “links to terrorism.”  Of course there is a link with terrorism in each of these cases, inasmuch as they are all acts of terrorism.  Why this denial of what is obvious?

    Could it be an attempt to protect innocent Muslim-Americans from reprisals? If there wasn’t a mass backlash after the 9/11 attacks, none of these cases will spark one (CAIR’s continual press releases notwithstanding).

    Maybe Bush doesn’t want to give the left more ammunition in their war on the war on terror?  Their argument runs something like this: “We’re being attacked because we’re not being nice to Muslims.”  That doesn’t work for the 9/11 attacks or those that occurred while Clinton was in office, though.  Perhaps the mufsidun have access to an Islamic Time Machine?

    It can’t be that the government wants to keep Americans from panicking about the threat of terrorism at home, can it? I thought Bush’s MO was to exploit terrorism, not downplay it.


    Andrew Klavan (author and Libertas contributor) sees things my way.


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