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Christopher Dodd: Hail to the Creep?

So now you’ve thrown your hat into the ring, declaring your intention to run for President of the United States.  I really don’t need to rain on your parade, because it will be cut short without my help.  (Hint: Limousine liberals from New England don’t do well as national candidates in general elections.  Kerry’s defeat wasn’t due to the swiftboating so much as the windsurfing.)  No, I won’t rain on your parade, just dash a little cold water in your face.

Senator, have you forgotten that incident at La Brasserie in 1985?  When you and your pal Senator Kennedy got drunk and, while your dates were in the restroom, you sexually assaulted a waitress?

Of course you haven’t forgotten, you just hope the voters have.  Or that, if they do remember, it will just be chalked up to a “youthful indiscretion.”  And for the most part, it has.  After all, you were with Ted Kennedy.  But assaulting a young woman is not an indiscretion.  You weren’t making a clumsy pass, like Bob Packwood, who resigned in disgrace.

Don Imus referred to this sexual assault while interviewing you in 2002, and you didn’t seem to like that much.  I would advise you to come up with a better response than “don’t go there,” Senator, because you’re going to be asked about it again and by real journalists.  Not because they want you to squirm, of course.  Not at all.

Because Hillary does.


A recent poll shows that 92% of Connecticut voters agree with me.


2 responses to “Christopher Dodd: Hail to the Creep?

  1. Jackman January 14, 2007 at 12:22 pm

    Nice work.

    This bum says in the Greenwich Time ” I realize I am starting from behind and a lot of other people have better name recognition.” This from a guy serving in his fifth term as a Senator. By contrast, the Dems new flavor of the week, Barrack Obama, is two years into his first term and is already a rock star. What has Dodd accomplished that would qualify him for a run. I should be angry that CT will have one senator again while he pursues his dream, but I suppose it will not make any difference.


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