Falling Awake

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New blog format

From now on, you’ll notice that you may have to click “read the rest of this entry” at the bottom of each post.

I’m doing this so that I can tell which posts are most popular.  If you don’t click on the post, I don’t know if you’ve read it.  If I can see what you like to read, I can write more of that kind of thing.  Fear not!  I will not custom tailor my musings to please the least common denominator.  It’s just that I often have several things I’m interested in talking about, and I can’t write about everything.

If you click on one of my posts, at least I’ll know you were interested enough to read the rest of it.  That will give me a clue about what kinds of things I should write about.

So, I’m sorry that it’s an inconvience, but it will help me serve my vast (dozens strong!) audience better.


UPDATE: Just so you know, you won’t have to click through to read posts that are mainly written by other people.  (I categorize those as “clippings”.)  Also, I won’t break up posts that are only a few lines long.


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