Falling Awake

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I dub thee, “Hurricane Alpha”

That’s what it would have been called, maybe.  Or “Armando.”  Maybe “Al-Sahib.”  If we had had a hurricane hitting the U.S. this year, it would have been called something.  Maybe “Algore.”

Where were the hurricanes?  Al Gore promised me massive destruction!

 Here’s the thing about science.  It has to predict something.  If it doesn’t, it’s just guessing.  Global warming aficianados like to treat everything as evidence of global warming.  Hot summer, mild winter?  Global warming.  Cool summer, harsh winter?  Global warming.  The same, variable, weather we’ve been having since time began?  Global warming.  Many hurricanes last year?  Global warming.  No hurricanes this year?


Silence.  They’re afraid you might remember what they said last year.

 If everything that happens, and anything that could possibly happen, is evidence for global warming, where is the science?  Couldn’t we just designate John Edward or Sylvia Browne as our climate prognosticators?

The fact is, that as newspapers and television reporters shriek louder and louder about the global consensus on man’s causing global warming (and the dire results thereof), actual scientists are starting to speak out about the lack of actual evidence for that claim.

It’s a big topic, so I’ll tackle this in pieces as my schedule allows.


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