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Pat Tillman’s tragic death

USA Today is running a story  from the Associated Press, giving an account of the death of Pat Tillman.

 It was a terrible mistake, all too common in war.  As I read it, the soldiers who fired on Tillman and an Afghan ally were ambushed and panicking.  Their failure to identify the men before shooting was in retrospect tragic, but seems understandable.

 I’m not sure which of the findings the AP reports should be considered “startling,” though.

Is it this?

Investigators have been stymied because some of those involved now have lawyers and refused to cooperate, and other soldiers who were at the scene couldn’t be located.

Terrorist prisoners of war are to be provided with legal counsel, but our soldiers shouldn’t be?

Or is it this?

Three of the four shooters are now out of the Army, and essentially beyond the reach of military justice.

If they deserted the Army, and are now in hiding, I think the reporters would have mentioned it.  How startling is it that after something like this happening, and the ensuing investigations, these men would not want to re-enlist?

Here’s one thing that needs to be explained: why was Tillman’s body armor and uniform burned?  It sounds like another case of trying to cover up something that was not a crime.

 And who can blame them?  It seems that there is no such thing as a mistake or an accident anymore.  It is so easy for reporters to imagine that they would never make a terrible mistake.

So tell me, why do newspapers have to run corrections?


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