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It’s the End of the World as We Know It…

…and I feel fine. Really.

The Democrats will win the House, four years later than they should have. In 2002, President Bush’s first off-year election, the Republicans actually gained seats in both the House and the Senate, and those seats held up through the 2004 cycle. So this is an overdue correction.

One Good Thing: By and large, the Democrats who have taken seats from Republicans are not left-wing fringe candidates, but moderates. They’re not going to be pushing for a bogus impeachment, they’re not going to precipitously pull our troops out of Iraq, and they’re not going to start raising taxes like crazy.

A Better Thing: If the Senate numbers hold up and Republicans hold the upper chamber, Bush can keep having decent judges confirmed.

One Bad Thing: The further erosion of our borders. The Senate has no will to fight for border control without the prodding of a Republican House. And Bush will sign any bill that comes out of Congress if it includes an amnesty for illegal aliens. (As long as it doesn’t include the word “amnesty”.)

For the second off-year election in a row, voter turnout has surpassed all expectations. Whether my side wins or loses, we all must agree it’s a good thing that people are becoming more interested in politics.

Well, we can agree that American people should be interested in government. Roughly half our country thinks Iraqis were better off under a tyrant. Them being brown and all.

Oh yeah, that reminds me:

Best of All: Lamont lost!

UPDATE: Obviously, the Senate also fell into the hands of the Democrats.  That Judiciary Committee is going to be ugly.


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